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Working with the unique you

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Smith-Neville Coaching & Development Ltd

By offering one to one coaching and leadership development programmes, I am able to help leaders identify their individual and collective strengths. Exploring the current and future culture and strategy needs of the organization, I help leaders identify pathways to success, overcome barriers to change and build healthier more prosperous workplaces.

Individual leadership requires bravery – creating the bridges that take people from “what is” to “what could be” – as Goffee and Jones would say it’s about “Inspirational Tension”

Working with the Unique You

Discover what makes you unique, challenge yourself to achieve more. Be the best you can be – don’t let old habits and patterns of behaviour become barriers to your success.

Developing Great teams

“The experience of the team, trumps the experience of the organization” Marcus Buckingham. What’s the teamwork like in your organization?

Achieve more as a Leader

What is your main purpose as a leader?  Not what do you do – but what do you actually do it for?


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